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Friday, 20 April 2012

Weekend hair with Kevin Murphy Color Bug

Sass & Bide designer Sarah-Jane Clarke
So, you've heard other people talking about their weekend bag, weekend car but weekend hair dye ? Not really. In my earlier post about Kevin Murphy Color Bug, I have mentioned all the possibilities and temptation of having a quick haircolor and then revert it back to work-friendly (for those of us who are not fortunate enough to work in a place that you can show up to work looking like a lucky troll doll without stares at their hair colour when Mondays come. I love the flexibility of having bright-coloured hair for a night out and not having to deal ugly faded hair color jobs after a few washes because you just simply wash it out and put on another color and wear as many as you like.
On my black hair, the color is not very obvious but it's great if you just want a little colour but not too bright. I used purple on the photo on left  and orange on the right.

Here is another ombre hairdo I love but my hair is just too dark to achieve the same results.

I would love to be able to color my hair in different shades of blues and greens one day like the photo above. 

Have you tried the Color Bug?

How do you like the Color Bug ? Does it stay on your hair?

What other colors would you like the Color Bug to have?

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