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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Product Reviews:Lululemon Full Stride Skirt, Flare Light Speed Shorts, Swiftly SE Concord Grape and Flash

If you have a Lululemon store close to your work or home you might get into a habit of going there like it's a church. In my case I do. I have been going there for the complimentary yoga classes but the classes are just the excuse for being there at least once a week. My workout clothes drawer is so full now and I have to start culling the pieces I don't love anymore to make way for my Lulu items. I am trying very hard not to live in my Lulus and wear something proper when I go out for dinner but it's tough. They are so comfortable you will never have the 'fat day' feeling where you just want to wear a sack.

I have been wanting to have a running skirt for longest ever but yet to find one that I like and fits well until I saw the Full Stride Skirt in Tender Violet. It's not my favorite color but I love the design- no frills! Deal.

I was worried that the gripper will make it uncomfortable but fortunately they didn't bother me at all and I'd say that I don't have skinny legs for my height. It does feel almost more cooling than shorts. I love the generous gel pockets in the front where I can put my iphone and save the back pocket for my Clif Bloks. My first run in these babies were for 15k and they did well. Hopefully these will be available in more colours. I will definitely buy a few more if they do.

 I also bought my first pair of Speed Shorts. The color is Flare Light and it's gorgeous. I was hesitant on how short it is but I love the color and got it anyway. They are my favourite shorts now!

On the same trip, I got  two Swiftly Special Edition Tees in Flash and Concord Grape. These were discounted to only $44 each instead of their normal $85 price tag and they are so comfy and stink-free. Score!

I need a new running cap and got myself the Run The Distance running cap.Probably going to return it because it feels quite heavy and doesn't give me as much shade compared to my good old 2XU cap. Sad because I like the color and zipper. At $45, it costs quite a bit more than the usual Nike, 2XU headwear but it comes with UPF and zipper so I think the price is reasonable.

Pairing my Swiftly Concord Grape with Full Stride skirt.

These Speed Shorts has passed the Warrior post and Gangnam style tests with flying colours!!

At the time of this post, I have bought a few more items from Lulu which I will be posting later.

What is your favourite sports brand?

Do you run with a cap?

Shorts or skirts or both?

What is the one item you can't do without for your run?

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SeeAlliRun said...

I have the same concord swiftly. I was hesitant about swiftly's at first, I didn't like how they looked on the hanger, so refused to try one on. Then Paris Pink came out and I decided I needed the swiftly. I was immediately hooked, I now own a bunch. Best running shirt ever!

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

The swiftlys have become a staple in my closet and I wear them everywhere now. They use to be in only boring colours but they are available in so many vibrant hues. The SEs are pretty unique with the floral weave, wish I had a few more.

TorontoRunner said...

wow, the speed shorts are absolutely gorgeous! I'm gonna need to check them out!