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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Auckland International Cultural Festival 2012

If there is an event in town that involves food culture, you will find us there and one that is not to be missed is the Auckland International Cultural Festival held in Mt Roskill. It's a day when every sub group calling Auckland home comes out to proudly share their culture and food. I don't know the exact number of stalls, but almost every country that I can name, there will be a stall to represent it. What is really amazing is that the African communities of Auckland is largely present in this event which is an uncommon sight until recent years.Auckland has multiple festivals celebrating its diversity throughout the year.There are big events to signify the celebrations of Chinese, Indian, European and Pacifican communities but not as much from the Africans and  possible East Europeans. 

Please be prepared for a food photo-heavy post.
German goodies from Paris-Berlin Bakery in Ellerslie.

There's French

Performance from the Burundian group

Women of Somalia serving up some home-cooked goodness.

A lotus float from the Thais

Thai women in their traditional costumes selling flower floats

A very proud ambassador from the Turkish group

Good-looking representatives from Peru.
A Mariachi band to bring on some mexican atmosphere to the crowd !

Savouring my prawn tacos from the Mexican Grill. I will definitely be checking out their restaurant in the city soon for my mexican fix.

We are crazy for Eritrean/ Ethiopian food but unfortunately there are no restaurants in town serving this particular cuisine. This festival is a really good opportunity to eat our hearts out! I hate posting about the food because it makes me crave for it again. Coincidentally, we ran into Akiliu's family whom I blogged about at the Festival. They were serving up some delicious Eritrean food and coffee to the eager public. We packed two servings of injera for dinner and they  were so kind to offer us to get more of our fix when we are craving for the cuisine again,this really made my day.

Injera bread topped with vegetables, lentils and doro wat..I can never say no to this, it tastes divine!
After a couple hours of eating marathon, we decided to call it a day. I secretly wish that there will be more festivals like this throughout the year. It's a great way to learn of other cultures, try out some new food and be aware of what a great and diverse city you live in.

Do you enjoy cultural events in your city?

What are your favourite cuisines?

Have you tried any African cuisines before? Do you like it?
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Spoon and Chopsticks said...

Really interesting dishes there. Hope you had a great time!

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