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Monday, 30 April 2012

Setting goals and running motivations

I can't believe it's almost May now ! Very soon we will all be buying Christmas presents and celebrating New Years. How very fast has time passed. Which also reminds me that I should start planning the races I want to do this year. Which also means I should put a running plan with goals together to keep me motivated. I have to confess that I did not go for my Sunday long run just because I didn't feel like it. Shame. It was not a good feeling although I didn't feel too guilty. I was just restless and bothered the whole day and it kinda spoilt my Sunday. Note to self: don't skip another Sunday long run unless I have a very good reason like being knighted by The Queen.
Which is highly unlikely.

This photo will keep me motivated although I believe you don't get a strong back like her by running alone. I will be less wimpy when I do my pull downs in the gym next and whinge less when back hurts after weight training.

Image source: Lululemon Britomart Auckland

I have signed up for adidas Auckland Half Marathon in October and also considering doing North Shore Half Marathon and  the Taupo Half Marathon in August. There were a few 10km races around town but the routes are really boring and if I have to pay to run laps in a park, I can do it myself for free. My goal this year is to finish a half marathon in less than 2:10. I guess I may be able to achieve this but I just need to be smarter and more focused with my training.

One of the running plan I am considering now is from Run Less Run Faster aka FIRST training . The plan focuses on three quality running  per week and relatively low mileage compared to many other training plans and by doing so, reduces the risk of over-training and injuries. On top of the three running sessions, you will need to complement the training with two cross-training sessions which will increase your fitness but not be too stressful on your legs. Sounds very good to me.
I might try this plan out because it looks achievable and not too complicated to follow plus I have read some forums on Runners World where some people claimed that they shaved off 15-20 minutes off the last PR.Last year I bought Jack Daniels' Running Formula and it was just too technical and complicated to follow. I may use it one day when I am more advanced.

Until I get my running sorted, I will indulge with some treats from little&friday. They definitely have the best cakes in town. My orange rosewater cake and bread & butter pudding. This also reminds me why I do not have the same back of the woman in the photo above. Sigh.

When is your next race?

What is your goal?

What training plans are you using for your next race?

Have you eaten something that you shouldn't over the weekend?
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