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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Running and refueling

I have to rewrite this post because the one that I did last night was published as an empty post. Frustrating really. I went for my 'long' run on Sunday and the weather was gorgeous plus because it was a public holiday, there were hardly any cars on the road. I need to burn off the gazillion calories I have consumed in the form of chocolate eggs. I ran for a little more than 10km with average pace of 6:31/km. I know this is walking with licking ice-cream pace for a lot of people but it's running for me. I will am slow but I will keep trying. My shins were a little grumpy after my run on Thursday so I took 2 days off without any workout to rest and did some stretching and yoga at home. The overall run was pretty good although it was a little hotter for my liking. For the next 6 to weeks I will be trying to increase my weekly mileage as base training. I have also learnt not to increase my mileage too rapidly to avoid injuries. I have learnt my lessons!

The cows who didn't want to be on the photos but they were photogenic. I don't live on a farm, I just happen to runthrough Cornwall Park with lots of adorable farm animals.

The perfect thing to 'reward and refuel' oneself after a massive effort to get out of bed on a Sunday morning to run is going for a great lunch. Hubs and I went shopping and then drop by at Mac's Brewbar for a bite. I had a Calabreze Sausage with potatoes, poached eggs and salad. Delicious!!

Lunch was followed by a stroll on the beach and a ginger breadman ice-cream!!  I decided that treating myself to a good lunch followed by ice-cream is much more economical than heading into Lululemon. I didn't even get close to one, fearing that I might succumb to the temptation.

The annual Adidas Auckland Marathon is going to open for registration tomorrow. I think I might do the half marathon. I've promised myself that once I can finish a half marathon at sub 2, I will consider a full marathon.

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