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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tang's Soup, Royal Oak

I have been to this little cafe close to my place for 2 times and it was a great find because this place is really small but cosy,and the best thing about it is that parking spots are aplenty which is rather rare in Auckland central.

I pass by this cafe when commuting to and from work everyday and only until recently that I gave it a thought. From the outside, it looks really dingy, located amongst a small stretch of shops in a run down building.

The shop is of the size of an average living room of an apartment but it is very neat and clean with a few round marble tables and chairs.
Their specialty is double-boiled soups and some special Cantonese style desserts like Egg Pudding , Milk Pudding and Tong Sui. Since it was a very hot afternoon, we decided not to order any soups and just settle for some simple lunch.

Special marinated chicken feet. I don't eat chicken feet but my friends adore them and according to them this dish is only average because they prefer the chicken feet softer but the taste is quite good. I won't know because I only picked out some carrot shreds.

Steamed rice with preserved meat .This is a simple but appetizing dish served in a small wooden barrel. The meat are steamed on top of white rice and cabbage, giving the rice and cabbage a nice taste.

Steamed pork ribs with black beans on rice

This dish is alright but could have been better if there were more black beans.

Steamed spicy chicken and pork ribs on rice
I enjoyed this dish the most because of the nice fragrant spicy sauce and the succulent chicken meat. Since we ordered mostly rice dishes, at least this one is much more interesting than the others.
Steamed pork with shrimp paste on rice noodles

This is my first time trying the chinese 'belacan' , the shrimp paste. It tastes quite fishy but not as fishy as belacan....tastes more like salted fish. The pork is really tender and tastes good with the shrimp paste but maybe I am so used to eating the rice noodles (chee cheong fun) with sweet sauce in KL, it takes a little more effort for me to comprehend this.

We were quite full after all the food but S would order desserts every time they are offered. So he ordered a Egg Pudding and loved it.

The egg pudding is really smooth and sweetness is just right

Look at how smooth it is inside!!

It was a lovely lunch outing but I personally prefer to come here at night or on cooler days so that I can have the soups.
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Christy said...

Very meaty meal..hehe :p
But egg pudding's good for beauty, I heard:)

Wai Sik Mui said...

Christy: Really?? I always thought that egg pudding makes you fat.Hmm...maybe I should have it more often now. :)

pavlova said...

hi there, came across your blog through
am just wondering what is the address of this soup place you mentioned in this post? cheerz

Wai Sik Mui said...

Pavlova: The address is 713 Manukau Road,Royal Oak. It's just outside the Royal Oak Pak n Save. Enjoy!

pavlova said...

thanks, great blog. keep it up! looking forward to more food reviews :)
you can be a food critic now...