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Thursday, 19 April 2012

10k fun race and loads of refueling

Trying hard to rub off the sleepiness on my face
For the fun of it, I signed up for an unplanned 10km run on Sunday as part of the Run Auckland series.The first race of the series was at Waiatarua Reserve. Other than the date, time and venue, I didn't find out too much about the route. I arrive to find out that it's 10km of gravel. Fun. The whistle went and I ran easily for a while, hoping for some nice views. None. When I finished the first lap, Runmeter told me it was 2.5km. Crap! I just found out that I had to run the uninspiring lap for a total of 4 times! Blech. By the second lap, I felt like calling it a day because I was bored and running on gravel is really no fun. Anyway, I finished after about 65 minutes. The last few hundred metres felt like forever.

The good thing is that this is my first race in Lululemon attire. I wore my first CRB from Lululemon with Switch Back Shorts in Inkblot. I love how much the  color of my CRB pops in the photos. I was so close to "rewarding" myself by "checking out" new arrivals at LL store. But I was strong.

Our new favorite: Habanero sauce!!
I have a fantastic hubby who wakes up early to watch me run on a Sunday morning and cooks bacon and egg breakfast for me to "refuel" after the run. Nothing can get better than that, oh yeah, he did the dishes too !

Ok I have a confession to make, I love staring at my painted nails when I run. And when I can't decide on the colour, I do 4 colours!

We went for a bite at Angie's and I've ordered this beauties. They are Pie Tee, a popular Nyonya snack with fried casing filled with vegetables and dried shrimps. What a delight!

How was your weekend run? 

Have you ran a race that you wish you'd not? And how you overcome that?

Do you like to paint your nails so that you have something to stare at whilst running?

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RunItMyWay said...

Congrats on the race!! I totally agree, out and back the same course TWICE all within 10k sounds brutal, yikes! You looked super cute though, I love the outfit (dammit, you're making me want those shorts now! and what colour is that tank?? It really does pop!)

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

I am not sure what colour was the CRB, it just says 'Bonded'. It's reversible with a black stripe on the side. I am planning to go to LL this weekend to "window shop" :)