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Friday, 25 May 2012

Positivity Friday with Run Less Run Faster

Workout - 45 mins speedwork on the treadmill and 15 mins core work

The temperature has plunged over the last week and all of a sudden it feels like mid winter. Typical Auckland weather, it's a real mixed bag. After a gruelling session at the gym with lots of composite leg press and leg curls, my legs are feeling like jello for running. To my surprise, I was able to hang on without emptying my tank which was really good. Although I didn't have the best week of running, I have been rewarded with some pleasant surprises with my performance and I'm going to take. What made my day was receiving my copy of Run Less Run Faster in the mail after waiting for ages. I've tried looking for this version in NZ but they unavailable. It's so difficult to buy non-fiction books in book stores these days. Anyway, this version has the additional Boston Training Programs on it. One day it will be handy for me. I will be training for Boston Marathon and have my finishing time tattooed on my arm. A girl can dream eh?

According to Amazon, this version has 50 percent updated content and has just been published in April . I had a quick browse through and the first chapter talks about Running With A Purpose. Each training run has its purpose, there will be 3 runs (speedwork, tempo and long run) + 2 cross-training sessions a week to follow. The writing is easy to understand without getting too technical and the plans are easy to follow. I like that this program requires only 3 running sessions a week and each session has its purpose and you are not wasting time by doing unnecessary mileage which tires you out and the best bit is the 2 cross-training sessions that allows variety and makes training more fun. As much as I enjoy running, I would still like to do other activities like cycling on a stationary bike, circuit-training and yoga so this program is perfect for me. I will try to read up and start following it next week and will report back in a few weeks time.

I am really looking forward to a great Sunday run followed by a trip to Lululemon to "reward" my

efforts. I hope that the weather is going to be kind to me too.
As with all my other Positivity Friday posts, I'm going to share some goody I found this week.

What are your running plans this weekend?

Have you read any running / training related books that help you reach your PB?

                              What is most positive thing that has happened to you this week?

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Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane said...

I've been eyeing that book and really hope I get a copy for my bday coming up. Are all the plans 3 days of running? or do any have 4? I'll be training for my first Marathon soon so I'm just wondering how they get the high mileage in with so few running days.

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Hi Lynda, there are 3 runs per week in the training program: 1 tempo, 1 interval and 1 long run. The idea behind this program is to cut out "junk miles" to reduce common running injuries due to over-training but to concentrate on doing 3 quality runs, supplemented by 2 cross-training sessions(cycling, swimming,rowing)to build up cardiovascular fitness. You can google for FIRST training program to have a quick look at the program in the book.I did that before buying the book to have an idea what it looks like but the book will help you understand why this program works based on the research that has been carried out.There are also a few chapters on stretching and nutrition which are helpful.