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Monday, 14 May 2012

Little Fatty Dumplings New North Road

The art to great eating finds in Auckland is just go with your gut feeling but sometimes you need more than just gut feeling. Little Fatty aka Tasty Takeaway is one of those places where a little sense of adventure is needed as well. This hole in the wall eatery looks a little dingy from the outside and does not get any better when you get in but it's nothing to worry. These are usually the places that gives me a surprise that I wasn't expecting.

This place is run by a small family and we ordered a serving of their famous Sang Chian Bao as it seems everyone in there had this item on their table. Four dumplings for only $4, what a steal. We had some rice dishes and they were just average and didn't look great on photo so I'll just leave that out. They only accept cash here but there is a National Bank next door so it's not a big deal.

Little Fatty Takeaway
598 Great North Road
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