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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Foam rolling, yoga and Indian vegetarian lunch at Ras Vatika

My training last week was  taken down by a notch last week after catching a cold when I was out for my weekly lunch run with my colleagues. It was only a 8.5km run but 8.5km in cold rain wearing only a tiny t-shirt is definitely asking for trouble. Which is what I got. Bingo! I've to skip my cross-training and Sunday long run and spent the weekend nursing my cold at home. Although I felt a little guilty but my experience had taught me that being stubborn is not going to help. Just accept defeat, eat and rest like a queen. I did very well there. 

We went to Ras Vatika for vegetarian lunch as I had a craving for light indian food and since I've been curious about this place, it was  the perfect destination. We were relieved not to find a big hungry crowd on a Saturday afternoon when we arrive. After staring at the menu like we were choosing a name for our first born, we settled for a Puri dish with vegetables, rice pillaf and pink falluda with cardamom and pistachios. I really enjoyed the food here but I think it's not as light as I'd like to. It would be nice if they had more salad options but that's just my personal preference. It's still a very good place to get your carbo fix without the extra saturated fat.

I love their special falluda drink : rose syrup with milk, cardamom and pistachios..yumz

Fried puri bread with salads and chickpeas

Since I have a few days of resting indoor, I opt to spend some quality time with my BFF the foam roller to ease the knots on my calves. I also have a hand-held massager when the knots become too tight in my calves for the foam roller to take on.It's my saviour. In the last couple of months since I have ramped up my running frequency, I do notice the niggling pain in my knees are subsiding except for the occasional fatigue knees and hamstrings from hilly runs. I think this has got to do with ditching the orthotics and switching to Saucony Fastwitch 5 from my first love the Mizuno Nexus 5. I love the Fastwitch 5 and it's been really kind to me. I am considering buying a second pair but also want to try out the new Kinvara 3 that is coming out in June.

Getting my weekly Ohmm at Lululemon. I'm still trying my best to plank like a pro but you can see that I look like a collapsing plank there. Need to work harder on my balancing and core strength. I've been bitten by the yoga bug and can't stop promoting its benefits to my husband and people at work. I am trying to rope in as many people to go to Lululemon for the complimentary yoga sessions. My husband is next.

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Shira said...

Hi Penny! Good going on the yoga - wile I know it would be great for me, I always pick Pilates over it!

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Hi Shira, thanks for dropping by my blog. I've done both pilates and yoga and I enjoy both. Mind to share why you prefer pilates?