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Friday, 11 May 2012

Positivity Friday : Facing your fears through running

"Perhaps the biggest fear for many of us is a fear of failure.But if we never try, how will we know the outcome?  So many people worry about what will happen if they fail, that they lose sight of what could happen if they succeed....People who achieve their dreams are people who are not afraid to take risks.  And we will never know what we could have accomplished if we never put ourselves to the test" -  an excerpt from a blog post by American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre that I read here

If 5 years ago (when I was a chain smoker) someone would tell me that I will one day be dedicating a substantial chunk of my life being active and preaching about it on a blog, I would just laugh it off. Lo and behold, I am doing exactly that and enjoying every bit of it. When I finish my first run of only a mere 3km I felt elated because I never could have imagined my weak legs were capable of doing that.When I ran home from work for the very first time, I was in awe that my body can be my mode of transport. To push past the fear that you can't do it to actually achieving it is a moment of extreme joy and feel of redemption.Redeeming the ability that body has given you to do things you never thought you could.

 Running has not only made me fitter, it made me face my fears head-on, making new friends, get to know myself and until recently taught me a lot about social media and editing html which I have completely forgotten since after University years.I would also like to share a little piece of treasure I found on the internet recently and it has been a mental boost for me when I do speedwork and overall running. At the same time, the article of Bruce Lee below also made me realise how often I fear of failure and let it set a limit on what I could possibly achieve. I will work hard to overcome my fear and not my mind set the limits on my body.

I have times when my mind tells me that I cannot do this or that, followed by fear of not achieving what I've set out to achieve or even hurting myself if I push too hard. It's all a very complicated situation when I can't be sure of whether it's my mind or my body not wanting to push harder. I am still working through it and in the future, I'd try to have a moment of  'What would Bruce Lee do in this situation? ' .

As with all my previous Positivity Friday posts, I'd like to share some inspirational/ funny finds with all my readers and here are my picks for the week:


Have you taken the leap of faith?

What is your biggest fear?

How are you going to enjoy your weekend?

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