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Monday, 1 October 2007

Home-cooked Lobster E- Meen

The other day we were invited to friend's birthday dinner and was treated to a meal of lobster E-meen. I have never cooked lobster before and it looks a lot easier than what it seems.
These yummy buggers relaxing in the sink before becoming our dinner

My friend being a Hong Kongese, used the Hong Kong style E-meen. It looked very different from the Malaysian's thicker and more al dente and the combination of the E-meen with the gorgeous lobster is totally heavenly. The lobsters were so fresh, with sweet juicy flesh and the E-meen totally absorbed all the nice flavours, together with the spring onions and ginger it was perfect !! The sauce is very simple : just oyster sauce, sugar, salt, chinese cooking wine and water....simply perfecto. As you can see from the pictures, there are more lobsters than E-meen...hahaha....sure nice lah. Will try to make this dish on my own when there are fresh lobsters available soon....yummmm!!!

Lastly, a yummy chestnut filled fruit topped cake for dessert to compliment our perfect dinner.
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New Kid on the Blog said...

A plate of Lobster Yee Mein in Pg is kinda expensive!!!!

Wai Sik Mui said...

PG? Penang?
Over here in New Zealand...lobsters are about NZD 80(RM 200)per kg.
It's very fresh and nice...yummm..

Christy said...

Lobster Yee Mein? Haha...this is a real pampering meal huh?
And I agree with new kid, lobsters are real expensive in Penang!!

Wai Sik Mui said...

Christy: Thanks for stopping by my blog.Yalor i think lobsters are expensive all over Malaysia...but they are sooo yummmy so it's a nice treat once a while.