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Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to run your best race?

It's only 8 days until race day and in some ways I am really looking forward to it. This is the time when you find out the results of  all the hard work that you've put in the last few months. 
 Many runners do it for themselves although every one wants to be better than the person next to them but the achievement is only answer to oneself and we are our own toughest critic. On race day, you want things to go as planned and achieve the results that you've been hoping for. Sometimes you get it your way, sometimes not. I will try to enjoy race day as much I can whilst trying to achieve the best time I can from the amount of training I have done. What I love about running so much is that persistence that most runners have. Unless you are an elite runner, you don't get anything. You spend so much time and money (for clothes, shoes, entry fees) doing it year after year but there will be no significant tangible gains. The biggest gain is to get to know more about yourself and enjoy the journey. Blogging has been a big part of motivation for my running. To hear and share the thoughts, trials,errors and occasional triumphs with other runners is what keeps me going. Knowing that another runner who I deem so much stronger has the same moments of doubt,uncertainty or weakness makes running feels more human that it already is.
 My favourite blog post this week is a race recap from Msfitrunner. My favourite part of her post is this:

I know that the PR’S are in my head, and they need to come out through my legs.  I know that my mind is much stronger than it was six months ago.  and that is how running is a journey in life.  strong body, strong mind, strong heart.  In life lessons and getting through.  Life isnt easy.  so I hold loosely to time goals now, not because I don’t think they are not achievable for me – I have BIG time goals, and I will get them – but because the time of it isn’t as important to me anymore as the strength of it and the heart of it.  I could bust out a stellar PR, or not even a PR, just a fast run, but if my mind and body feel weak, then the victory isn’t as sweet.

I read this and it made my day. In fact, it made my race. I am more relaxed than I was a few days back and I totally agree with her. I ran my last race with a goal and when I didn't reach it, I was utterly disappointed and it was just a bad race for me. The focus on achieving a good time has distracted me from a race that would be otherwise perfect in terms of the location, the vibe ,the great weather and the great company I had when running it. I have learnt from it and just be relaxed and run and enjoy what my legs and heart are capable of and enjoy the journey. 

To finish off today's post, I am sharing some great inspiration with all of you here:

The final hour before midnight is one of the most exciting and inspiring parts of the Ironman World Championship. Pictured here is 77-year-old Harriet Anderson who narrowly made the 17-hour cutoff by finishing at 16:59:19." 

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TorontoRunner said...
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TorontoRunner said...

Good luck when race day comes around, and I hope you get to thoroughly enjoy it!
Just read back to some of your older posts, I love your blog - following you! :)

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Thank you for your kind words and it makes me really happy that someone out there enjoys my ramblings and bad photos :)

Yin said...

I wish by 77 I can be as strong as her and still can do some races. A great salute to her!