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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Runmeter GPS craziness

Of late, I am really getting tired of Runmeter because the GPS has been so unreliable and although I like the results on the screen of my iphone I have serious doubts that I ran that pace. Someone else may, but not me, not yet. After 2 upgrades Runmeter still can't get it right and it's getting very frustrating because on some days it really kills your enthusiasm. After pounding the streets for 2 hours on a dreadful wet day, all you hear is " Average Pace- 12:00/km". It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it's not accurate. 12 minutes per km is walking pace. 

As part of my training program, I have to do two non-weight bearing cardio sessions to complement my running and have been enjoy them quite a bit. There a couple of easy sessions on the bike where I can read while waiting for my alarm to tick off after 30 minutes. Keeping myself on the stationary bike for more than 15 minutes is very ambitious feat. I get really bored unless I am in a spin class or someone starts pedalling competitively next to me. I am reading the Runner's Body now and it's a very good read to understand how each part of your body works together to generate the running motion. Yeah, that's my layman's term. If you are into the scientific terms, go grab one and it's a really interesting read. It makes think of all the blood cells making its rounds in your body etc.

I am really digging these Wattbikes they have at the gym now. It's a lot tougher than a spinning bike as it's got quite a bit of resistance.The harder you pedal, the harder it gets and you can really work out some sweat here. I am close to my 8th week of FIRST training program and I can really feel that I am getting fitter and legs are getting stronger by the week. These are all good signs because I can push myself a little harder each week. In terms of speed, I am not so sure if I am faster. I presume I am because of my overall improved cardio fitness but I am keen to find out when I run my first half marathon end of this month. It will give me a snapshot of my overall performance and improvement. The most significant change is that my legs especially my knees are not as often sore as they were last year. Really looking forward to the half marathon race to see how far I have come.
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Lori said...

Saw your post about the GPS issues with our app, Runmeter. We'd love to help. If you upload your database to us, we can extract the raw GPS data from your recent workout, and that can better help us diagnose what's going on. Please write to us at support at abvio dot com and we'll get back to you in record time! Lori -- Abvio