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Friday, 3 August 2012

Positivity Friday & Jalapeno Mexican Grill on O'Connell St

All the running and extra spinning sessions that I have been doing these days call for a carbo loading and I had this huge craving for mexican food the other day and headed down to Jalapeno Mexican Grill on O'Connor Street. The food are cheap and cheerful and the choices are pretty good.


I love how creative they are with the bar space.

Here is my share of great finds to share for a positive Friday! Have a good weekend everyone !

Source: via Henry on Pinterest

What are your running plans for the week? 

What motivates you to go for your long weekend run??

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1 comment:

RunItMyWay said...

Awesome post - loving the motivation!! Also loving the new header :)

Check tomorrow's post for a tag!!