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Friday, 20 July 2012

Positivity Friday : The rise of half marathon and How to Foam Roll

 This month's edition of Runner's World had a special feature on the Half Marathon and I thought it would be great to share it as my Positivity Friday post. Apparently half marathon became a popular trend from 2009 onwards with 65% people in the USA who made their running debut in the category. I personally started in 2010 after catching the running bug and signed up for my first half marathon as a motivation.I have loved it ever since with the hope of achieving a sub 2 half marathon in the near future. So far I have only ran 3 half marathon and 1 10k races and I am looking forward to do 2 more half marathons before the year ends. There are so many great races across USA that I could be keen to do. I shall reconsider it next April if my financial situation allows me to hop onto a plane to do a running trip. That would be absolutely fantastic.

If you run often, one of your BFF would be the foam roller or the stick and this is one loyal friend who will always be there to hear you moan about all the soreness after the hard work. I try to foam roll after each run and I have found a good foam rolling guide. I have done almost everything in the guide except rolling my chest.

As with all my other Positivity Friday posts, I will like to share with you all my favourite photos and quotes I have found this week.

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