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Monday, 13 August 2012

I've been tagged :11 Shades of Randomness

I'm so honoured to be tagged by Jen from Run It My Way because I've been reading her blog since months and it's one of my favourite running blog. When I found out this morning that I have been tagged by her to list 11 random things about me, I was ecstatic. I hope that I still come across as "normal" after you've finished reading my random 11.

1. At 32 I still can't ride a bicycle and my husband is a very strong cyclist. I have always wanted to learn how to but never got past my shyness of falling off a bike and we don't have a backyard for me to learn. My goal is to borrow an old disowned bicycle from a 10 year old daughter of my colleague and learn how to ride.

2. I have always been a couch potato until 4 years ago when I quit smoking because I just don't want to any more. Before that, I could barely walk 100m uphill without feeling dizzy and sick.

3. My all time favourite sitcom is FRIENDS and I have watched it so many times that I can almost   remember the lines from every episode. My favourite character is Ross.

4.I didn't speak much English (and not much of anything) until I went to primary school at 7 in Kuala Lumpur and it has since become my first language. I just didn't like talking when I was very young but became a motormouth after primary school.

5. I am utterly uncoordinated and have given up on going to STEP classes because my feet can agree on what to do.

6. I love spring and winter and hate days that are above 20 degree celsius . Summer is the worst time to run for me and I usually take January off running because it's the hottest month in Auckland.
My 'First Aid" cap
7. On race day, I love to tape blister pack, nurofen and plasters under my cap for emergency. If you are need a plaster on race day, flag me down!

8. I love painting my nails and love to have my nails painted the night before my long run so I can stare at my nails when I run. They also give me great motivation when I do push-ups because I am too busy staring at the colour and not realise how gruelling it gets. Win-win.

9. I have Ailurophobia - a persistent and irrational fear of cats. I don't know the exact cause of this but I found out in my teens that I have a fear for this tiny harmless animal. I am not afraid that it will hurt me but just the sheer thought of the fur and long tail scares me and sometimes I can't even look at a photo of a toby cat (tobies are my most feared cat).

10. I love dogs, a lot. The best part of my Sunday run is running through a popular park where I get to see lots of dogs and it makes my day.

11. I eat too much cheese and there's no cure and I am happy with that.

Hmm...I'm beginning to understand myself more after finishing this post. If I need a flatmate someday I will reuse these questions. If you think you had enough of me, not yet.

Here's my answers to Jen's questions:

1. What is the one race/ athletic event you would most like to do? (cost, travel and logistics aren't factors!)  Disney Princess Half Marathon. And if ability is not a factor either it would be a triathlon.

2. What food tempts you most when you're trying to eat healthy? Ice-cream and french fries. Always.

3.Biggest pet peeve at the gym or races? Equipment hoggers who holds you up using a machine because they are busy facebooking or tweeting.

4.Running skirts. Love 'em or leave 'em? Haven't worn one before but I could imagine liking it.

5.What are your thoughts on makeup at the gym? As long as it doesn't melt and no one is wearing fake lashes it's okay.

6. What blog post that you've read in the past week week or so that has inspired you? I have not come across a significant in the last week but have come across many outstanding motivational posts in the past.

7.  3 things you cannot live without? Sleep, husband, internet.

8. Do you have a post race tradition? Eat a big calorific meal that I wouldn't normally allow myself   to.

9. Do you spend more on work attire or athletic attire? I don't have specific work attire so I have to say street attire.But the gap between athletic and work attire spending is closing.

10. What's the best costume you have worn or seen another runner wear at a race? Not sure it was the best, but definitely most uncomfortable was a man dressed as Darth Vader to run a marathon! For myself, it's being dressed as a Santa for a Santa Run.

I wonder if the lobster will stay put if I go race in this headgear 

11. What's the best running book you've ever read? Hmm.. I have only read 2 so far and it's not a fair comparison - Run Less Run Faster and  The Runner's Body.

I'm tagging the following bloggers because they have been inspirational to my running:

1.Emz from If I can't convince you at least I can confuse you 

2.Katie from Msfitrunner

3.Alli from See Alli Run

4.Becky from Run Fun Done

5. Susan from Nurse On The Run

6. Janae from Hungry Runner Girl

7. Julie from ROJ Running

8. Whitney from Live Run Love Yoga

9. Sarah from Once Upon A Lime 

10. Christy from My Dirt Road Anthem

11. Rachel from Running Rachel

Your questions are:

1. Jogging on the spot at the red lights - good or pathetic?

2. What is your best running moment?

3.What gets you into blogging? Do you get inspired to run more by other bloggers?

4. What is your favourite running blog and why?

5.What do you carry on you when you run?

6. If time is not an issue,would you prefer to run in hot or cold weather? Rain or shine? Day or

7. What is your favourite dessert?

8. What are your short-term running goals?

9. How do you reward yourself after a long hard run?

10. Do you try to eat healthy most of the week and how do you do it?

11. Name one really good movie you have watched recently and why?

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Becky @ RunFunDone said...

Thanks for the tag!

I agree with you about wanting to do a Disney race. I had a season pass at Disneyland when I lived in Southern California, and I still think it's magical and amazing! I'd love to run a race there!

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Thanks for dropping by Becky. Yeah I would love to do the Disney Princess Half in the near future. Good excuse for me to go to California too :)

SeeAlliRun said...

Thanks so much for the tag!