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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Running with Compressport Calf Sleeves

I have been reading a lot of bloggers favouring the calf sleeves and finally decided to get a pair for myself after reading mixed reviews. Some swears by it and some think it makes no difference so I thought I'd give it a try anyway.I bought a pair of Compressport calf sleeves on since they received a lot of great reviews. Many were saying that these are much more comfortable than 2XU so I gave it a try. It arrived in the mail on Thursday and I  gave it a test run  when Iwent out for a quick run of 10km on Sunday. They are not cheap and cost approx USD 45. I slip it on and it felt pretty snug but not too snug that it bothers me. There were so many colours to choose from but I went for black because it will look clean longer!

Although I have only used them once but I have to say it was pretty comfortable. I like the grey bits where it stays on well but not leaving marks and cutting off blood supply to my legs. I can feel that I am wearing them when I run but it wasn't restricting or uncomfortable. It's very breathable and gave my calves a little support and I am pretty happy. 10km for the first try, I think that's a pretty good amount of time to test it out. I like the length too. It's not too long for my 5'1 frame. I was worried that it would go up to my knees. I am thinking of wearing them on Sunday for my first half marathon race of the year. Excited!!

After the run, S and I went over to Pah Homestead in Monte Cecilia Park,Hillsborough. It's crazily beautiful and relatively unknown. The homestead was built in the 19th century and houses an art gallery and a cafe. It's just 5 minutes drive for us and we are so coming back for regular cuppa.You can sit on the veranda and soak in the beautiful views of the Manukau  Harbour.

We got a table on the veranda and soak in the beautiful views and weather. It's a great place to relax and feel revived by the surroundings and forget that you are in busy central Auckland.

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