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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Grass fed beef patty sliders with Havarti, Portobello and rocket

I found some slider buns at my quick stop at Nosh to get milk and bread and I can't resist them. Pasta dinner can wait. It's sliders for dinner. Also bought some lean beef mince for making the patties. I love homemade patties. It's so simple and taste so much better than the stuff you get from the supermarket which I suspect is made out of cardboard.

 You might think that I was munching on these crackers while preparing my dinner. Yes I did. I also use them as a substitute for breadcrumb as I didn't have any at home. I actually don't buy breadcrumbs. I found this opened pack of italian rosemary flavored crackers in the cupboard. Perfecto! I crushed these crackers in a ziplock bag using a mortar so it's really quick and simple.

Chopped some spanish onions, cracked 2 eggs and add the crushed crackers into the mince. Add a little salt & pepper and chilli flakes for added flavour. I rolled the mince into a small ball and pressed it with a spoon and fry them for about 2 minutes each side. While  meat were resting, I sliced some havarti cheese on top to melt it. Lastly, I assembled the slider buns with patty, havarti, portobello, rocket fuel sauce and rocket leaves , secure it with a toothpick and put it back on the frying pan to give a nice crunch the bottom of the buns.

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