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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Week 5 on FRST program and Sunday brunch at Selera Newmarket

This is going to be a long post. If you don't really want to read about how I haul my ass through 18km of sweatiness, you still have a chance to stop reading now. If not, I hope you will enjoy my random rambling of what I do on a Sunday morning.

I am into my fifth week on the FRST 3+2 program and this week's long run is 18km!! I have never managed to convince myself to get out of bed on a chilly morning and run alone for 2 hour and 23minutes!! This is a new first for me and I am glad I did it although I am not entirely sure how I talked myself into it. How was it? Great. I had the biggest smile on my face running and singing as I pound the pavement and run up some hills. Must be something in the water or maybe I'm just a nutter. I felt light on my feet and not huffing and puffing when I run uphill which is great. I also notice that my knees haven't been throwing tantrums from the higher mileage I am running now.
I am enjoying my training and and feeling really fit now. My Runmeter tells me that my average pace was 7:52 but I felt faster than that. I need to buy a Garmin as soon as I can afford it as I am getting fed up with Runmeter's randomness!

What made my run really pleasant was my cheap handheld water bottle. I have had it for ages but never used it because I wasn't sure if I like holding onto something when I run. I must it didn't bother me at all and I would rather hold a bottle than wearing as a belt. I have used a Camelbak before and hated it because it was so warm and heavy on my back but I had to so that I can stay hydrated. I was planning on getting the Lululemon +Amphipod bottle but now I not so sure if I really need it any more. This one is cheap and if I lose it I am not really bothered because it only cost me $3. I think it's only 300ml but I got a refill at the park's water fountain so it's all good. I think I will bring this with me for a race so I don't have to stop at as many water stops.

I got this Rucanor drinking bottle via Wiggle and it's awesome. Easy to drink and doesn't leak! 

He didn't look too happy that I woke him up from his Sunday morning slumber. 
 When I came home after being on the road for close to 2 hour 30 minutes I was exhausted. I don't know how I coaxed myself into running alone for such a long time. Maybe I already have the mental potential to run a marathon, just need to work on my fitness. Overall, I feel strong and not running out of breath which is really encouraging. My lower back was a little sore when I got home but legs were not too bad. I also drank lots of Nuun diluted in water to rehydrate. I ate some toasts with orange juice although I wasn't hungry but I was craving badly for salty food so I went to Selera in Newmarket to have my sinful Char Koay Teow ( Stir-fried rice noodles). It's got loads of carbs, some protein, salt and some fibre. Balanced meal ! 

My running motivation: A big plate of Char Koay Teow from Selera Newmarket as refuel.

Lunch was followed by a trip to Queenie's Lunchroom in Freeman's Bay. The coffee was really good and they have lots of magazines to read.

Tamarillo tart from Queenie's Lunchroom 
I was really exhausted after the run and I just want to go home after all the food. I had a little nap too because I was spent. Other than the fatigue and sore lower back I was doing quite well. Last year when I was training for my half marathon I had so many injuries that stopped me from training properly and the longest run I did was only a mere 10km and it got me really nervous. I just hope I will be able to keep training for the next 11 weeks and enjoy the results of my hardwork. Maybe not a sub 2 half marathon but shaving off  10 minutes of my previous race would be really sweet. I am enjoying my training this year way more than last year because I am feeling great and I understand the purpose of each run and the benefits. Knowing why you are doing something really puts a perspective into one's training. It keeps you motivated and focused.

If you are also training on the FRST aka Run Less Run Faster, please let me know how you are going with your training.

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