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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Update on my 4th week on 3+2 FRST running program

Let's talk about running.

I am into my fourth week following the Half Marathon training program from Run Less Run Faster aka FRST 3+2. The program advocates 3 keys runs a week complemented by 2 cross-training sessions to increase your cardiovascular fitness without the extra strain on your legs to prevent injuries and overuse. My aim is to someday achieve my goal of a sub 2hr half marathon. To do this, I have to be fitter and faster through a more structured training program and not just go out and run like a monkey. Ok, more of like a turtle because I am slow and steady :P
So how do I feel? Am I faster? I don't feel like I am faster yet but I do feel stronger and that I can push myself a little more. There are times when I fun a 4" per km for a short stretch of my run and that is an improvement. What I need to improve on is to be able to run a consistent pace because I suck at it. I will go all out for 5 minutes and bong the next 10 minutes and it's not good. I need to pace myself out better. I know that a lot of seasoned runners are very good at it even without using a Garmin, they have a feel for it. I have to start to learn how to feel for it until I get a Garmin. I am still all broke after replacing my car and multiple stops at Lululemon.

Here is a peep of the running program:

Basically Key Run #1 are track repeats, Key Run #2 are Tempo runs and Key Run#3 are your good old weekend Long Run which is also the most important of the three runs. My calves were really sore after a sports massage last week and I skipped Key Run #1. The book also emphasized that it's ok to miss a run or even a week's worth of running and not to worry about replacing it but if you have to miss more than a week's worth of running, you may have to revise your goal time.
The key is to stay healthy by not over-training. In the past, I would have tried to make up for the lost run but I took the advise and just twice last week but complemented it with a gentle spin on the stationary bike.

 I love my Saucony Fastwitch 5 to bits. I am going to get another pair but not in the same colour because I can't find it anymore. I did my long run in Cornwall Park which is really wonderful family park to run in especially on a Sunday morning when I feel I have the track to myself.

After lunch, I went to the local store to window shop for shoes. I was keen on trying the Kinvara 3 but they don't have it yet so I've tried the Kinvara 2 just to get a feel of the shoe. I like how light the shoes are but they are only available in pink!! Nope, I'll just wait for the Kinvara 3. I have also spotted the Brooks Pureflow and Pureconnect. I like the Pureconnect but it's a very minimalist shoe and needs a little bit of getting used to before I can imagine running in them. The Brooks Pureflow looks a little more solid and supporting but it looks very geeky. Sorry, I can't get past the looks of running shoes look sometimes unless they make me fly through a race and get a sub 2 half marathon.

This is the only time I have walked out of the store without buying any running shoes. The sales assistant looked a little pissed off with me when I told him that I will come back another day. In the past I feel that it is fair to pay a little extra for the service at a brick and mortar store versus buying it from a faceless website overseas but I don't think I will feel the same next time. Personally, I find that buying a pair of running shoes needs more consideration than other shoes because if you pick the wrong pair, you may end up with an injury that may force you out of training for a while.Anyway, I went over to Burger Fuel to have a treat of spud fries with good!!

What is your favourite running shoes?

Do you prefer buying your running shoes online or from a store?

Do you like your fries with ketchup / aioli/ mayo?

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