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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Sri Puteri's, Panmure

I discovered this cozy place by coincidence during a visit to a real estate agency in Panmure. I've only been to Panmure once for work purpose until I spotted this rare gem, which has made Panmure a place to visit every Sunday for a much needed dose of Malaysian food.

This place has been recommended by Metro magazine and its popularity has skyrocketed since. The restaurant is small and looks dingy but once you are seated by the iconic lady owner with the infamous megawatt smile and warm hospitality, Lily Gomez; it instantly becomes a weekly agenda, if not a ritual.Going there during the warmer periods of the year eases my homesickness, especially with a sip of teh halia ( ginger tea) brewed to perfection.

Sri Puteri's brings that nice multicultural blend being run by Malaysian Indians and Malaysian Chinese. Unlike other Malaysian restaurants that are solely operated by Malaysian Chinese, this place oozes a homeyness as if you are sitting in the kopitiam or mamak. The chefs are Penangites ( people who originated from Penang, Malaysia) who whips out some wicked Char Kuey Teows and their sambal belacan is seriously not for the faint hearted locals who are not accustomed to the Malaysians' love for everything spicy and pungent uumpph.

Last week we went for a lazy Sunday brunch and ordered char kuey teow, nasi lemak , mee yoke and washed it down with teh halia and bandung. S loves bandung but very quickly develop a fondness for this much loved unsung hero of a drink.
This little one sure knows what good food tastes like.....

The char kuey teow ( NZD 8.50) fares well...with a lot of wok hei and is comparable to my usual haunt from the char kuey teow uncle in Mercury Plaza .The most delectable nasi lemak (NZD 10.50) in Auckland but abit stingy with ikan bilis (anchovies) and peanuts.
Hmmm.....teh halia(NZD 2.50).
The mee yoke (NZD 9.50) is not bad but nothing close to SS2 Lim Mee Yoke's.

Sambal belacan with 'uummph'

With such gorgeous food and atmosphere,Sri Puteri's is definitely the place to wrap up a week and anticipate the one ahead....with another visit !
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Dominah said...

Wah Nampak Sedap Jugak makanan ini. Malaysia Memang Boleh!

Anonymous said...

also, found out an authentic kopitiam in Queen St, inside the IMAX building which is also formerly known as planet hollywood. It is called Kaya & Toast and was told they just open less than a week. Best kaya toast in auckland!!!

Wai Sik Mui said...

thanks for the info, will check it out whenever i am around there since my office is nearby. i will be back to blogging mode once my diet is over. ;)