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Monday, 10 September 2007

Faye Wong - From the Beginning

This is a special boxed set collection of nine Faye Wong's albums from the very first one, titled 'Everything ' when she was known as Shirley 王靖雯 up till Di Dar. This is indeed a very rare special collection set that I have scoured all over the place for and finally found the last set in HMV Hong Kong for HKD 585 for this set. Since it was the last set and maybe not very sought after anymore, you can see that the box is rather worn out. No complaints there since the CDs play fine.This CD set evokes memories of the good old days of non stop Faye music playing in my room during high school years.....Ooops! my age revealed! hehe. As any Faye fan will tell you, one can never get bored of her music because they are really good,well produced and her voice is almost flawless. And if not for Faye Wong, I wouldn't have started listening to chinese songs and learnt reading chinese from karaoke singing sessions.
Unfortunately, this set only comprises her earlier cantonese albums but not her famous mandarin albums like ( Mesmerized) and 天空(Sky).

I know that this post is a bit out of the theme of this blog but I just want to share something so precious with others who like Faye's music. If you want to get this set, maybe you can try to contact HMV Hong Kong or try

I just saw the dvd version of Faye's first concert in HK Coliseum1994 available...will order that because when it first came out, it was vhs and there's no way to watch vhs these days since no one owns a vcr anymore.

It would be awesome if I could post this entry in chinese but I think I will spare myself from making an ass of my half bucket full karaoke learnt chinese.

From top left: 王靖雯, Everything, You're the only one, Coming Home, 執迷不悔, 10萬個為什麼, 胡思亂想, Di Dar, 討好自己.

「從頭認識 王菲」9 CDs 套裝》內容簡介

01. 無奈那天
02. 藉口
03. 有緣的話
04. 溫柔的手
05. 尾班車
06. 未平復的心
07. 仍是舊句子
08. 中間人
09. 愛聽謊言
10. 新生

01. 巴黎塔尖
02. Everything
03. 遊蕩
04. 可否抱緊我
05. 鬥快說笑話
06. My Loneliness
07. 哭牆
08. 無悔今夜
09. 一剎那
10. 巴黎塔尖(Reprise)

《You're The Only One》
01. 美麗的震盪
02. 又繼續等
03. 然後某天
04. 悶人咖啡
05. 無原因
06. 多得他
07. 只有你
08. 靜夜的單簧管
09. 明年今夜
10. 不裝飾

《Coming Home》
01. 浪漫風暴
02. Miss You Night & Day
03. 容易受傷的女人
04. 不相識的約會
05. 把鎖匙投進信箱
06. 這些…那些…
07. 開心眼淚
08. 重燃
09. 兜兜轉
10. Kisses In The Wind

01. 紅粉菲菲
02. 執迷不悔(國)
03. 可愛眼睛
04. 季候風
05. 不再兒嬉
06. 我永遠珍惜你我
07. 情敵
08. 從明日開始
09. 夜半醉
10. 執迷不悔(粵)

01. 琉非飛
02. Summer Of Love
03. 如風
04. 冷戰
05. 長大
06. 若你真愛我
07. 動心
08. 雨天沒有你
09. 誘惑我
10. Do Do Da Da
11. Do We Really Care

01. 胡思亂想
02. 誓言
03. 天與地
04. 夢中人
05. 知己知彼
06. 純情
07. 遊戲的終點
08. 夢遊
09. 藍色時份
10. 回憶是紅色天空

01. 討好自己
02. 蜜月期
03. 為非作歹
04. 我怕
05. 出路
06. 平凡最浪漫
07. 飄
08. 愛與痛的邊緣
09. 背影
10. 天不變地變

《Di Dar》
01. Di-Dar
02. 假期
03. 迷路
04. 曖昧
05. 或者
06. 我想
07. 享受
08. 一半
09. 無題
10. 流星(國)

Faye's music is brilliant and I hope that there will be another album from her one day.
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Jackson said...

yooo!!! Im faye's fans too!!! but my collection is not as great as u

Wai Sik Mui said...

jackson: sorry for the late reply...long time never log in. Cool that you're faye's fan too! I hope to watch her sing live again.