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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Sri Mahkota Restaurant, Howick

This is actually my first posting of a Malaysian restaurant in Auckland. There are only a few of them in Auckland and the most famous being KK in Ellerslie. I was in KK about two weeks ago and was too busy eating until I forgot to take pictures...that's how I am usually. I forget everything as soon as I see food and also sometimes it could be quite testing to snap a few shots in a restaurant without achieving that weird stare from other patrons. But I need to start taking photos more often so that my blog will not only consist of pictures I take indoor.

Ok....enough of my crap....went to Sri Mahkota for lunch and always wanted to try it out since it opened this year. The first dish to catch my attention was the Fish Head Vermicelli from the table next to us. As with most eateries in Auckland, the serving size is huge and that doesn't allow you to try out that many dishes at one go if you come in a small group.

The fish head noodles was abit disappointing because the fish that they used were not fried thoroughly and the fish was too gelatinous and makes the soup very cloudy. Unlike in Malaysia, they usually give you small chunks of aromatic fried fish in your noodles. The soup was not how I usually like it to be.....almost tasteless and very fishy. Without kiamchai and tomatoes I wouldn't really call this a fish head bihun.
We also ordered karipap as entree and my selection for the day was Assam Laksa since there are hardly offered here in Malaysia restaurant. I was just curious how it'd taste....but I should have taken the first hint .I have a theory when I go get my Assam Laksa....if you don't smell it from meters away it means that the Assam Laksa is not worth any effort to eat. Once again, I have proven my theory right. Next time, if you don't smell it first, don't bother.

The karipap is obviously straight from the freezer the very moment I sank my teeth on it. Maybe I will still come back here for Char Koay Teow since it smells nice when I saw other people eating it. Otherwise, I'll stick to my Mercury Plaza uncle for my dosage of Malaysian food.
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