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Monday, 17 September 2007

Sun World Restaurant, Newmarket

Last weekend S and I finally got around to bring two of our Irish friends to go Yum Cha in Newmarket. Whereas in Malaysia everyone refers Yum Cha as in having a drink in the mamak store or a cafe,but to the people from Hong Kong Yum Cha means eating dim sum.

The weather was horrible, rainy and cold but we really want to eat some dim sum. Mike, hasn't tried it before and was eager to try it out. So as soon as they hopped off the plane from a vacation in Fiji, we went to Sun World in Newmarket.

This is my second time in Sun World since the new management. We ordered quite an array of dishes , my favorite being the har kau ( prawn dumplings). Their har kau is really good and big compared to other places in Auckland.
Fried actually Fried Man Tou with sweet taro filling. So cute and super yummy too!!They have the nicest Egg Tarts....very smooth and not too sweet. Their standard is comparable to the ones I tried in Hong Kong and my Hong Kong friends are glad to attest.
Stuffed eggplants with fish paste. Yummm....

Hopefully I will have a chance to take more photos amidst some growling stomaches in the next yum cha outing so that I can post more pics here.
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