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Monday, 27 August 2007

Frozen Tofu

I had to freeze my tofu the other day because I couldn't finish it before it goes bad. This is my first time cooking frozen tofu(had to do so because I need to make more space in the fridge!!). Like fishballs, the texture of tofu changes when you freeze it because some moisture had escaped and it becomes more dense. It tastes like paneer minus the creaminess. Good if you want to substitute this to paneer if you're vegan. The texture is very's porous and springy . The best way to prepare it is to cook it with a lot sauce so that it sucks up all the flavor.

It's very easy to prepare, just soak it in water a few hours before cooking and strain out the excess water so that it will not dilute the sauce you intend to cook it in. Heat up enough oil and toss the tofu cubes in dry it up a little. Then remove them before u toss in the ingredients you want. I made Ma Po Tofu with these but only remember to take photos after it was almost all gone...hehehe......will post them when I make them again.
looks like sponge cake eh?
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Jackson said...

haha...frozen tofu...will it taste like "dao guo? ( in hokkine ), "dou gan" (In mandarin)?

Wai Sik Mui said...

jackson: hmm....something like that but abit more spongy....u can give it a try and let me know what you think. :)