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Friday, 2 March 2012

Lululemon wishlist

This is post is going to be a little different than my usual postings about food.

Lately I have been bitten by the Lululemon bug. I love their products and I can't seem to get
enough. I start categorising my wishlist as a 'need' now. But given the high price, I usually
wait around for reduced prices. For the record, I don't work or benefit from Lululemon other
than going there for their free yoga classes.

I bought these Turbo Run Shorts in 'Ink Blot' color a week ago and love them! The liner is super comfy plus it doesn't look like running shorts too much so I can wear them to the beach or around town for lunch.

And here is my list:

1. Jodhpur pants in denim: would be great for daily wear and walking around town.

2. Speed shorts- like I really need another pair of shorts ?? 

3. Push your limit tank. So cute.

I have a few other items that I would love to have including the new arm warmers but I can't find the photos yet. Now I just need to avoid going anywhere near a Lululemon store.

Have a happy weekend everyone !

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RunItMyWay said...

Ooooh those inkbot shorts are adorable! I have one pair of Lulu Turbo shorts and was surprised by how much I liked them - I'm more of a Speed Short girl! Haha Lulu addiction is rough - they release SO much cute stuff, they're hard on the wallet! :)

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

I was a capri girl till I found the Lulu shorts and I live in them now! What's on your wishlist this season?