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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunday Long Run High & Lululemon treat

I was doing a lot of reading up on Saturday night and one article on Runner's World stresses on the importance of Base Training in order to increase general cardio fitness and on-the-feet endurance for most beginners/ slow runner (yes I am slow). And once you are able to crack the 1:45 for a half marathon speedwork will be beneficial for your improvement but limit it to no more than 3 continuous weeks so that your body is not stressed out from all the speedwork. So, with that in mind I was all excited on Sunday morning to go out and run.Plus it was a fabulous day after non-stop raining on Saturday, the air was clean and there was virtually no cars on the road. Freaking fantastic !
This is part of my 12km run and just looking at it makes me want to run now while I am sitting behind my desk.

The sight of sheep is not uncommon even if do not live on a farm but I find this sign on the gate of Cornwall Park quite hilarious, maybe it's just me.

Like all good runners (yeah right!) I obediently ice my shins after the run. Sorry for the ugly feet with bulging veins. To be different, I used a bag of frozen mozarella cheese instead of the usual peas to ice my shins. Also because I ran out of green peas so mozarella it it.

Before I went out for my run I promised myself that I can only go and buy myself something nice from Lululemon if I went out for a run. Great motivation huh? Like a carrot for the rabbit. When I finished I was happy as a clam because I enjoyed my run so much and felt like I had loads of energy and I can treat myself to something nice from Lulu.

I should have hidden the tags but this just looks more 'authentic' haha.

I never thought I would want to run in a skirt but slowly I am getting my head around it because I saw some really cute running skirts on other people like msfitrunner. I went to the store and tried on size 4 and was suprised how loose and long it looked on me. I am size 4 and the occasional 6 if I want to breathe.Also tried convincing myself into accepting a bright tank  it's just not my colour. So no skirt and bright orange tank for me. There's an urban myth that hardly anyone leaves Lulu without a purchase (I made that one up). I bought a bright blue tank and a sports bra which I will post later when I collect my tank from the store after it's been hemmed. I love the complimentary hemming service they provide, who does that ? I just hope I don't end up at Lulu each weekend because I will have to eat dust bunnies if I do. Next week it will be something like a burger and fries combo at Burger Fuel because it's much cheaper than buying gym clothes.

What is your running plan for the week?

Do you treat yourself for sticking to your running plan?

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