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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New running motivations

I have been reading lots of running blogs recently and it has been a real motivation for setting my goals and hopefully achieving them this year. Of course, buying some new running gears has always worked for me. Over the weekend, I bought a pair of Saucony Fastwitch 5. I have been eyeing them for a while and wasn't too sure if they were for me. Anyway, I found out last week this is a recommended shoe for me and of course I bought them.

They are shiny and you can probably spot them from some distance away. I must have a thing for blue and lime green. Went for a run with them last night and they felt so light on my feet ! Can't wait to go for a longer run in them again. I also love the writing on the heels. Not that anyone can read them while I run but it's a funny touch.

One of my current favourite running blog is HungryRunnerGirl. Janae is hilarious and updates her blog twice a day and it's been really fun to read about her training.

I have also become a pinterest addict before Christmas and here are a few of my favorites for running pins. If you'd like to share your pinboards you can find me here.

I keep reminding myself this quote when I can't get out of bed to go for a run on the weekends.

Happy Running Everyone  !!

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Yin said...

Thanks for your freind add. Glad to have another new friend from Auckland that like running and cooking.

I love your Bread wrap curry chicken. Given me new idea to try out new bread recipes.

Let's keep running and cooking!
Cheers Yin

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Thanks for dropping by Yin! Great to know that you enjoy running too and also in Auckland. Have to keep running so I can eat more ! Lol.

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

Getting new running shoes is always a highlight for me! I am a Mizuno girl through and through. I am very loyal to the brand for shoes but prefer Brooks for running shorts and Nike for tops. Guess my body just isn't built for 1 brand!

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

I am also a Mizuno and this is my first non Mizuno running shoes. Multiple brands are good because sometimes I end up looking like I just walked out of a Nike store :)