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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Sweet Potato Bread

I know it's time to use my bread machine since it's been sitting around collecting dust and I can't recall when was the last time i used it. So i decided to make a few loaves after the last attempts to the bakeries and I didn't really like what they have. S and I kinda miss the breads we get in Germany but it seems like people dont bake breads like that in NZ....most of them make breads that are too airy and lack in taste. Anyway, I decided to use whatever I have in my pantry cupboard and there was a big bag of sweet potatoes. Using the bread machine is very convenient. I just have to add in all the ingredients whilst watching my TVB series...hehehe...nothing comes between my canto drama series and me. I then let it knead in the machine and that saves me some time to prepare other things for dinner. After kneading, I took it out and let rise in the warm oven and then sprinkle some rolled oats before baking for 25 mins. Comes out quite nice but not as sweet as I expected. Next time, I will add some brown sugar instead of just normal granulated sugar. The texture is pretty nice I would say.....very soft inside but has a nice thin crunchy crust. Would be nice with some butter and Nutella.

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KampungboyCitygal said...

whoa..i tot it was cake at first glance..the textures and the colours..well done!

Jackson said...

awesome! i love my sweet potato bread with a cup of nice hot coffee!! I feel hungry now..

Wai Sik Mui said...

kampungboycitygal :thanks! first try and make it again this week.

jackson:wahh...sounds good especially if it's kopi O :)