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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Steamboat dinner @ Golden Steamboat, Dominion Road

I went out for my Sunday long run in the cold blustery weather. And true to popular belief, it starts raining 5 minutes after you start and ends 5 minutes before you finish. I was a bit lucky because it was just drizzles but it was so cold and tiring to breathe in cold dry air. But I was pleasantly rewarded with the newly bloomed cherry blossom trees that lines part of my route. They are so pretty and I can't resist taking a photo. Can't wait for next week's run because I think there will be more flowers on these trees. 

I always treat myself to a good lunch/ dinner after a long run. It's my way of motivating myself to tell myself that I deserve a big meal if I've done the running. Which kinda explains why I am still so far away from achieving Jillian Michael's fab ab. Bet she only feed on protein shakes, lean meat and salads. It was a very cold spring night and I was craving for spicy hot soup so we decided on going to Golden Steamboat on Dominion Rd. It's just a few doors away from the very busy New Flavours. I have given up on going there before 10pm on weekends. Golden steamboat is upstairs of Love A Duck and it was really nice and quiet.

The restaurant is very clean and tidy. Good first impression.Every table has its own trolley to hold the food and tissues. Our waitress was very friendly and explained all the specials in the house and helped us choose our soup base. If you've never tried steamboat before you should. You choose a soup base and then the meats, seafood, vege and  condiments that you like. The menu is extensive
so there would be something for everyone. Steamboat is very popular during the cooler months and it's awesome when you can't decide what to eat but also good during summer because the heavy sweating will help cool you down. 

We ordered a half and half of fish soup and medium spicy. Both are very delicious. I prefer the spicy soup because it's so addictive. It looked very oily but once it starts boiling, the oil gets 'pushed' to the side of the pot and it's a lot better. I would order mild the next time. I can eat quite hot but the medium hot here gets a bit much halfway through the meal.

 I forgot to take the photo of our dried tofu salad and peanut and celery salad because they look so yummy. We have also ordered the house specialty sauce made with minced pork which is quite oily but we just scoop out the mince and it was really tasty albeit a little oily but you only need a small amount to flavour your food.

Our waitress recommended their gold kiwifruit juice which was really good to wash down the spicy food . A jug is only $6 ! What a steal considering the amount of work to skin all the prickly kiwifruit skin.

We paid $55 for two of us and we were really full and happy. We will definitely come back if we have a craving for a hot steamboat meal again. But next time we will come with friends so that we won't be so full and it's always fun to have steamboat with more people because it's a very interactive style of eating.

Golden Steamboat
551 Dominion Road (upstairs)

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