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Friday, 14 September 2012

Positively Random Friday

I used to do Positively Friday posts but decided that I should revamp it a little and make it "Positively Random Friday" post. Lets be honest, Friday is the day that you just want to finish work early and enjoy the well-deserved weekend. To celebrate a hard-earned Friday I am going to share some light-hearted randomness with all of you who care to read and maybe have a good laugh at my randomness.

On running - I have a sore ITB after going hard out on the treadmill during an interval training session. That was followed by a hard Tempo run session and of course it's not a surprise that my ITB is not happy. I think I was trying to run down a hill faster than I normally would and it's just a nice cocktail to make me start limping around this week. Therefore I was reduced to spinning on the bike instead of running on a treadmill last night. This is followed by lots of foam rolling to help stretch out the ITB. Just hoping that it will be ok again for me to run on tomorrow. Also, I have finally bought myself a Garmin 410. I have only used it for one run so far but will do a review soon. My current favorite track when I run is Dog Days Are Over from Florence + The Machine. I love this song so when I run. I love the this part the most :

"Run fast for your mother and fast for your father

Run for your children for your sisters and brothers

Leave all your love and your longing behind you

Can't carry love with you if you want to survive."

One other thing I love this week on the blogosphere is this photo from one of my favourite blogger Jenn of Runitmyway. She'd just completed her first ever marathon and she had scribbled this on her hand on race day. I just love it. It's so non-tacky but motivating. I plan to do the same for my next half marathon in October( I know I am so original).

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