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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A very muddy run and nasty bleeding of Lululemon Paris Pink

Workout - Tempo run for 9.5km on mostly soggy ground after a butt-killing pilates class at my
local Lululemon. Overall temperature was great except that the route that I usually run was all muddy from the heavy rain last night and hasn't dried up. There were lots of fallen trees and branches so we had to modify the usual route.This is my second run in the week when I cannot get my pace and distance data because Runmeter and Runkeeper has bolted. Arrghhh!!

I had a nasty surprise when I went to shower after my sweaty run. For a brief moment I thought I was bleeding on my back but then I realise that my Lululemon Free To Be bra in Paris Pink was bleeding onto my shirt from the sweat. You can see the double criss-cross pink marking on the shirt.  No photos of the bra because I don't think posting the photo of my bra onto the internet is quite right. For a split second I thought I was bleeding because it looked like blood.This is so disappointing because it has ruined my favourite running shirt. Luckily when I rang the Lululemon store, the staff told me that I can bring my bra in and get it exchanged. She also told me to try washing my t-shirt with Napisan and if it's still stained I can get a replacement from the store. I was quite relieved to hear that they would do that. No reason to stop shopping at LL.

Just sharing with you all a snapshot of my running route. It's really nice for summer runs and also when it rains to shield away the water but can get very dark and slippery. Looks like a great place for the Blairwitch Project but thankfully it's very popular amongst runners. I wouldn't try running here at night when it's pitch black.

Moving on from the little nasty surprise from LL, I'm still keen to get my hands on the new CRB in Ray. I'm not usually a big fan of neons but Ray is a nice bright green but not really neon.

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RunItMyWay said...

That must be so frustrating to the FTB bra bleed like that, I would have been upset too! Good that LLL is taking care of it for you though, I find that they tend to be very good about damage control when they mess up.

How do you like the FTB bra for running? I was thinking about buying one (they're SO cute!) but I didn't think it would have enough support for running. You should do a review, I'd love to read it! If it came in Ray I would definitely cave and buy one :) That colour is just plain fabulous, it's impossible to see that colour and NOT feel happy :)

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

I was pretty disappointed with it at the beginning because all my LLL purchases are so wonderful. But since I can get an exchange I'm quite happy about it.I will go to the store to see if they have any brightly colored bras to replace my Paris Pink
The FTB bra is very supportive for my humble assets :)and I do like the design quite a bit.I should do a review as suggested soon. Hopefully it will be available in Ray.