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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kingsland Cooking Club Wild Venison Mole

It's been a really busy few weeks for me and I have not been able to keep up with my blogging as much as I would like to. So much going on for me at work and also new personal 'projects'. One thing that I did not neglect is cooking and eating well. I've got my priorities right. Last week, I came to know about the Kingsland Cooking Club. It's a pretty awesome concept; you show up on Thursday night and pay $15 for the cost of ingredients and get your hands dirty to prepare the dishes for the night and later enjoy it with other fellow foodies. Every week, you will be cooking different dishes and everyone gets to share the tasks and enjoy the fruits of the labour with a good chatter. What a great way and economical way of spending Thursday night.We have been told that the club has been around since 4 years. It was started as an initiative to bring the community together and arm youth with cooking skills.What a brilliant idea!

Our chef, Ben announce that wild venison is on menu tonight. One the organisers had hunted a venison on the weekend and we are going to cook it with Mexican Mole sauce. The sauce is labourious with lots of chilli peeling, nut-toasting, blending and cooking. The ingredient list is lengthy and I can only remember there were sesame seeds, lots of dried mexican chillis, dark chocolate bars and bananas.There were 21 of us and each of us had to peel,chop, roast, blend and taste the food as we get on with the work. It took about 1 hour to prepare the sauce while the venison was roasted in the oven.

Sorry that I forgotten to take the photo of the very important Mole sauce because it was so yummy and can't wait to lick it off my plate.The venison meat was just perfect, a little pink so moist and flavourful. We washed all that food down with grilled banana with dulce leche and toasted coconut...heavens!

I will definitely be back to the Kingsland Club for more yummy food in the next few weeks. There's lots of good cooking demonstrations and good company..what's not to like?

Have you been to a Cooking Club before?

Have you eaten venison before? If yes,did you like it?

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