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Sunday, 16 May 2010

La Cigale French Market, Parnell

One of my favourite haunt is the La Cigale French Market. I absolutely love eating a freshly baked baguette with the chosen cheese of the day and watch fashionable city folks milling around the market in their trendy garb and equally stylish pooches.

Yummy turkish bread galore

Macarons!! Anyone who know us well will know about our macaron craze! Ever since our trip to Paris last year, we are hooked! These babies are devine. The last time I got them from Philippe's Chocolat, I was disappointed that the cream was spread on. These ones are very similar to the ones we had in Paris and totally gobsmacked!! Love....

Stuffed peppadews with feta cheese

These are the first published batch of photos from my new Nikon D90!! *LOVE* I still adore capturing the unexpected shots from my iphone but the nice shots of the D90 is so worth lugging it with me wherever my eating adventures take me.

It was all great until it started pouring. Looking forward to next week's trip to Clevedon Market.
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Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is awesome, I saw macarons! lovely!

hope you are well my dear! :)

Sidney Kan said...

walio! will u be getting me that bag!