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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The dream satchel

It was raining heavily on Sunday afternoon and I was too tired to go out after my morning run, so I decided to muck around the internet for a bit and saw a gorgeous brown satchel on Jak and Jil blog. It took my breath away. I have been looking for an old school cool satchel for a while now but have no idea where to get them from. And this one was perfect. From the blog, I found out they can be bought from The Cambridge Satchel Company in UK ! And they ship out of UK!! I found out that these gorgeous babies are not only beautiful, they are surprisingly reasonable too.

The bigger ones are known as batchels and they look adorable as a school bag for kids as they are stylish as a messenger bag for men. How versatile !

They come in a variety of sizes and colours and the best thing is they can be embossed to your liking!!! The excitement was surreal!!

After choosing and deciding, I ordered a 13 inch satchel in Chestnut Brown with blind embossing of my initials and all I have to do now is wait painfully for 3-4 weeks until they show up...Counting the days!
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1 comment:

Big Boys Oven said...

hahha you buying one for my birthday> definitely cool! :)