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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Angie's Kitchen

Luckily / Unluckily for me, there's a decent Malaysian food joint a stone throw away from work.

Angie's Kitchen is a nice cosy place & very clean.

S ordered assam laksa. It's pretty good but lacks oomph, we'd still prefer the assam laksa from Sri Puteri's in Panmure.

My nasi lemak with curry chicken. The blue rice is very eye-catching although it tastes no different than normal coconut rice.

Bubur cha-cha!! What a luxury to find bubur cha-cha so readily available and actually tastes good. Not too sweet or heavy for my liking.

I like Angie's Kitchen but I am hesitant to come here for lunch without calling beforehand. It's packed and sometimes you'll end up waiting 30 mins for your food. The only warning is to not try their beef rendang. It's pretty disappointing. Prices are between $ 10.50 -12.00 for a rice / noodle dish. A little pricey but one has to factor in the location of Angie's being the most populated street in NZ! Would definitely come here again.

17 Mount Street, Auckland CBD
Close on Sundays
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