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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Yum Cha @ Star Cafe, Howick

S&I have been eating at home a lot these days due to a new eating plan that my nutritionist has recommended us to follow. We're in good health, we are doing this just for fun because our friend went and came back with a lot of good eating advices. We are eating at 6 meals a day now; under the eating plan which is a little hard work given that we are so busy at work sometimes to accomplish that. The main goal is to get our eating habits checked by a professional and also because we spend so much time at the gym, we want to eat right to be fit. It's very difficult to have your cake and eat it too since I love cooking and eating so much. But at least the good news is that the nutritionist agreed that we have a healthy habit (albeit the weekly char kuey teows and nasi lemaks).

We survived our first week and already seeing results. So we are going to bite the bullet and hang in there until we achieve our goals. Therefore, I am going to take this opportunity to post about some food outings that wasn't posted before.

We went to Star Cafe in Howick for yum cha some time back. Food is mediocre, really. This came as a surprise because Star Cafe is very popular chain of Chinese restaurants.

The prawn dumplings were a little disappointing.

Pan-fried radish cake

Our yum cha didn't get any better when a bad dish was followed by another. The radish cake was oily and soggy...yuck!!

Egg tarts

Cold not crispy roasted pork

The roasted pork was stone cold!! This is so unacceptable when it's obvious that they are serving leftovers. This is by far the worst roasted pork I have eaten in a long time.

Sesame filled glutinous least this was ok although not great

Fried yam filled with bbq pork

Spicy salted fried tofu

This is the worst....really bad siu mai. It smells funny too.

We usually enjoy our dishes when we go to Star Cafe in Epsom but the one in Howick is really disappointing....we are not going back.

Although I complain that the food here is bad, looking at the pictures make my stomach growl. Well,any food is good when you're on a diet.
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