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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Nepalese food at Himalaya Restaurant

Our wishes were granted when we learned from a friend that Himalaya has reopened after a sudden disappearance from Auckland's dining scene. We were so amazed the first we went but was really sad when they moved from Parnell.

Himalaya; like its name serves Nepalese food. It's a shame that a cuisine so palatable has not gained its equivalence in popularity as other cuisines. How would I sum it up Nepalese food in my opinion? It's rich in flavours like Northern Indian food minus the bloatiness and greasiness.

So that night, we braved the cold winter weather and went to Himalaya, now in its new location in Ponsonby.

Entree was Chana Chat Pat, a chick pea was really refreshing with chick peas, red onions,tomatoes, seasoned with green chillies, lime and coriander. A little spicy but was the perfect dish to give us a healthy appetite for the night.

Next came our TIbetan bread;baked wholemeal bread that looks like a's very very delicious with a dry crispy skin but very moist and fragrant inside.

S ordered Sekuwa, lamb pieces marinated with Nepali spiced char-grilled to perfection, without losing the meat's tenderness. It was served with Nepali potato cake, rice puffs and salad.

I chose Momo, this is a dish with spiced lamm dumpling similar to the chinese dumplings served with tahini and chutney. According to the menu, this is the most popular food in Nepal. I enjoyed it so much. The skin is really nice compared to chinese dumplings. The portion is very generous too, which I couldn't finish after eating the the entrees.

We had a small chat with the owner of Himalaya and was told that he's from Kathmandu, which is a good sign on the food's authenticity.

It was a great night of great food and was also a relief after having to track the whereabouts of this restaurant since a year now. We are definitely coming back soon!! Can't wait!!

283 Ponsonby Road (3 Lamps Plaza)
09 376 4414
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Nom Nom Panda said...

Looks fantastic. Wish I could have tried this. Did this used to be where Sidart is now? Any idea if there's still Nepalese food to be had anywhere?

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Yes,Sidart is residing in this address now and I have no success in the finding the Nepalese Restaurant :(