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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Torchon French Creperie

It's been so long since I last posted anything here. Apologies. The last time I blogged was a difficult task as I was so tempted to eat everything within my sight after. After a recent trip to KL and meeting with a fellow blogger, I was encouraged to keep blogging and here I am!

One of the drafts that was sitting for a while is from my first visit to Torchon Creperie at The Stables , one of the city's favorite creperie.

It was only 11.30a.m, we ordered a Mediteranee gazette with ratatouille and egg and a nutella and almond crepe. The gazette was pleasing with a well flavored ratatouille wrapped inside topped with a semi cooked egg. I enjoyed the salty batter that it was made of, subtly flavorful and not too dry.

Next was the nutella& almond crepe. The size was good as I was not looking forward to a crepe that is a meal on its own. It's not too big to eat. The crepe was crispy on the edge, light and thin.
There was a generous amount of nutella oozing from inside and the nice almond flakes added the nice bite to the soft crepe. My only complain is not asking for an extra scoop of ice-cream, but that's not very typical french style i assume.

Our experience at Torchon is simply divine and this will be one of our favorite for a very long time to come
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