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Saturday, 10 May 2008

HK Day 1, Part 2

After the lunch, we went to Central from Wan Chai. We headed straight for the Mid-level escalator that is in the vicinity of Hollywood Road. The escalator only goes up after morning peak hours. I've read it from somewhere that the escalator caters to the need of rich people living in that area. Doesn't surprise me too much as the higher we went...there are more nice european bars and cafes catering to the expatriates living in Hong Kong.

There are many shops and houses on both side of the escalator.If you've watched 'Chungking Express' before, you'll notice the escalator where Tony Leung saw Faye Wong cleaning in his apartment.

After reaching the top where a mosque is located, we walk back down to roam around Soho. We were not particularly interested in eating in Soho where it's mostly laced by European eateries. It's Hong Kong we're in; so it's Hong Kong food we're after.It's ironic that a lot of younger locals will suggest tourists to come here for food given that it may not be the best spot to get the best HK cuisine.

If you've watched ' Drink Drunk Drank' (千杯不醉) starring Miriam Yeung and Daniel Wu, then you'd recognise this cafe. They filmed the movie at this cafe, which is now the Culture Club located on 15 Elgin Street, Central.

The locals going about their daily routine.

Some great finds on one of the backstreets of Old Central.

This is a priceless shot of how the locals are living their lives as it was amidst the modernisation.

Maybe after looking at these photos, many would understand the reason of my adoration with Hong Kong. I love this pulsating city! There's this vibrance and energy that you feel everywhere that you go to. Contrary to old belief; the people here are very friendly and approachable. I am not just talking about the staff at the airport or hotels. We've been approached by locals when they saw how clueless we were with the map. The only atrociously unfriendly people you meet are probably are all housed at the chain of Aji-Ichiban stores.

After walking around the whole day, we were met by our friends in Causeway Bay for dinner. I requested for steamboat in Causeway Bay but our friend took us to Wan Chai as he knows of this place which is really good. We chose a tofu and fish soup base for our steamboat.

Our huge plate of meat and other goodies to go into the boiling hot soup.

The dinner was alright for the fact it was only around HKD 80 per person. That's really cheap. It's buffet style so we can reorder as many times as we want to. But I personally prefer the steamboat places in Causeway Bay.
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