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Monday, 21 April 2008

Hong Kong , Day 2 Part 1

I slept like a log the night before and woke up to the nice cool morning weather in Hong Kong.
S has arrived at the hotel too. Without wasting anymore time, we headed out for a breakfast to fuel us both. We headed to a nearby char-chan-teng ( tea restaurant) which was recommended by , a Hong Kong food review website. Before I got here, I knew that there's nothing spectacular about the food. I just adore all old restaurants and cafes. I will choose a dingy old looking place over a spanking new establishment.

We finally found Cheung Lei Bing Sut at 120 Electric Road, North Point. It's a little restaurant on the stretch of the buzzling Electric Road.

While many people would cringe at the thought of such places, for me, they are rare gems and are diminishing to give way to some new fancy looking places with pretentious food; sometimes at exorbitant prices.

The layout in this cafe is very simple and looks untouched by the changes of modern times.

I wonder if this is still functioning...

I chose a standard breakfast set consisting fried sausages, sunnyside-up, white bread and coffee. The food was average and a little on the oily side.

Shu got himself his favourite french toast with a chunk of melting butter and syrup. He said it was yummy but not the best that he had.

Our breakfast was alright, good enough to fuel us for the first leg of our trip to go up to The Peak.One advise is that whenever you go to a Hong Kong 'Char Chan Teng', don't drink the coffee as it's a suicidal move.

Although the food was mediocre but it was worth going as it is a reminiscence of Hong Kong's pre handovers' Char Chan Teng culture.

Next, we took the bus up The Peak. Along the way I spotted two buildings that look like a pair of chopsticks. I was told that this is the home for famous Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung.

We went into the Hong Kong Madame Tussaud's upon arriving at The Peak. The last time I was here, the museum was closed for refurbishment. I was happy that this time I get a chance to visit the 'improved' version.

It was a very foggy day and we didn't get a very good view of Hong Kong from the Peak and was hungry again after all that walking. Since there wasn't any restaurants that interests us around,we decided to make a move to Wan Chai for lunch.

We were walking around Wan Chai during the lunch hour where almost every eatery is vomiting customers. We got hungrier and then we found a little eatery that looks like we didn't have to wait until we become stone statues before we can be seated. We got our seat and of course, we have to share our paper napkin sized table with another hungry customer. The table was so small that in between the meal, I almost ate the stranger's lunch.

One of the many food that I want to eat in Hong Kong is their famous 'Cheh Zai Min' ( Trolley Noodles).You get to choose the type of noodles cooked in clear soup and the toppings. I chose radish, pork balls, crispy fried fish skin and pork pudding on egg noddles.

The very fishy but cripy fish skin...yummy yummy in my tummy!!

Overall, the noodles was a little bland but it was still good. After the refueling, we continue our journey to Old Central.

To be continued....
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