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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hong Kong Day 2

As we did not go for dim sum on the first day, we made it a compulsory agenda on the second day; simply because the variety and quality is so good in Hong Kong. We are pretty fortunate as there are so many restaurants in the vicinity of our hotel. Although I was planning on going to Lin Heung Lau in Central, we decided on a restaurant closest to us because our stomachs are growling furiously. So, we walked a few minutes on North Point Road until we saw a decent looking restaurant and decided to try it out.

We were so jealous that we did not get a booth seat like some other customers. But figured out that these people must be regulars as they took all the time in the world to read newspaper and sipping tea.

The staff here are mostly middle-aged women and they are mostly unfriendly and untouchables.
Maybe because these are not locals and they have a difficulty conversing with the customers. Whatever it is, it's the food that I care about.

Our first dish was a basket of very juicy prawn dumplings. I have this self-thought theory that if the prawn dumplings in a particular restaurant are not good, it means that you shouldn't have too high hopes for the other dishes. So far, my theory has been proven.

Shanghai Won-Tons....totally amazing!! I have to fend off some grubby fingers at the counter to get a plate of these. Totally worth it!

Stuffed eggplants

Chives dumplings.

Ma Lai Kou......was mediocre.

This is the mango&prawn filled fritters....creamy sweet mango flesh with prawns fried in a light flaky pastry.......really delicious.

Char Siu Sou.....was very very crispy .

Yeung Zhi Gum Lou......this is a dessert with a combination of pomelo pulps, mango slices, sago and coconut's heavenly.

Fried Man good but pale in comparison with all the other gorgeous food we had.
All those food for 2 person....and we finished most of it! What an achievement.

After a very *burp* fulfilling brunch, we were fueled to begin our second day in Hong Kong. And the next destination?? Non other than the fascinating Sneaker Street for some retail therapy. Ka-ching!!
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