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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hong Kong Trip 2008, Day 1

As I've mentioned earlier, I just got back from my trip to HK and KL earlier this week. I was in HK for 6 days. The last trip to HK was Jan 2006, so I am a little far from my aim of visiting Hong Kong at least once every 18 months.

Anybody who knows me well will know that I adore Hong Kong. It's the most fun, exciting, vibrant city and beat Milan hands down any minute. Hehehe. At least, that's what I think from my own experience.

Watching TVB drama since young with my grandma has become an integral part of my life, hence, the influence from it over time breeds a great sense of familiarity with Hong Kong. It's funny that ever since I've moved to NZ, I watch even more TVB dramas than I did. No complains though.

What did I do when I arrive in Hong Kong after a 13-hour flight plus 5 hours transit blah blah blah?? I just went straight to the hotel, took a shower and dashed out to South Horizon to Space Warehouse; the Prada outlet store ...with the public bus!! Impressive determination and craziness!!

I read that that most of the Prada stuff here is heavily discounted to 70% or 80%!!! Woohoo!!!
When I got there...there were only a handful of bags that are ok looking,but nothing pretty enough for me to plonk big dosh I moved on from there; empty handed.

Luckily for me, I got the chance to try an old fashioned Hong Kong sweet ' chung yau peng' whilst I was hunting for the Space Warehouse. It was sold at a bus stop by an elderly couple. The uncle carefully wrap rolls of crunchy biscuits and topped it with some sugary peanut bits and wrapped it up with a thin papery wrap. Taste? Pretty interesting although a little dry.
After that, I headed for Causeway Bay for a little shopping warm-up lap. Didn't have any proper dinner as I was too busy shopping and snacking. It was also a little intimidating to dine alone in HK. Oh well,it's only one night. S was due to arrive the next morning, so it's only for one night.

After more looting, my body was crying for me to let it rest. So I went back to the hotel at North Point. The hotel I chose this time is City Garden Hotel. Pretty impressed by its size(it's huge by HK standard!), location, service and value for money.

The last time I went to HK in 2006, I stayed in Kowloon Hotel. Although it's extremely convenient with the MRT station right outside and the Esprit warehouse a stone throw away, I was pretty shocked by how small it was. Believe me, you can't open more than 1 luggage on the floor there! Seriously!!

The City Garden hotel is only 2 stations away from Causeway Bay and there's plenty of restaurants and shops nearby and you can enjoy the luxury of a quiet sleep at night in a decent sized bedroom. The best bit is that you can get the chance to see how the locals go about their daily lives here since there's an apartment building right opposite. And to top it off, there's a 7 Eleven right next to the hotel to buy necessities like water, snack,milk,magazines,etc.

Speaking of milk, I saw this really cute bottle of Kowloon Dairy milk from 7 Eleven. I only drink milk in my coffee but I can't help from getting a bottle of this just because of how cute it looks. Ahh.....reminds me of Tom&Jerry...hehehe.
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