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Thursday, 29 November 2007

BACI , Rialto -Newmarket

Was craving for a brownie after dinner the other night. The weather was superb....warm and not windy at all. The thing about Auckland is that most cafes and shops are closed by 5pm or 6pm, leaving with little choice. There aren't a lot to begin with anyway.

So, to ease my craving for brownies without the prospect of getting one of those dry flakey ones from the supermarket, Baci was a clear choice for the location and also the opening hours.

I ordered a chocolate brownie, a mochaccino and S had apple walnut cake and a iced chocolate.
I like the Apple Walnut cake that S's pretty moist with generous amount of apples and walnuts but not too sweet either. I doubt that Baci made their own cakes....they probably bought it off somewhere. At NZ$ 6, it's rather steep but since they are the only one open at that hour....i should just count my blessing.
My brownies was great....but I think since my craving for it was so strong that I probably will agree with anything to looks like a chocolate brownie. Chocolate sauce is great but would have been better if they would have served it with vanilla ice-cream instead of whipped cream from a bottle. In Malaysia, most of the time when you order a cake they will garnish it with some fruit or chocolate sauce but I realise that here they give you whipped cream with every kind of cake. It was the same in Germany. When I was living there,they give you that every time, but that would cost an extra o.5 euro or more. Vielen Dank!

The drink was nice but unfortunately the picture didn't turn out well and I was a little impatient to drink it up.
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Nic (KHKL) said...

The Apple Walnut cake looks delish!

yeah, everything counts in europe. even McD charges a small fee for ketchup in italy! gosh!

btw, on your question in the last post. i'm using nikon d40x (still learning to use this monster, hehe)...

Wai Sik Mui said...

Oh i see...need to upgrade mine

in NZ,KFC charges for ketchup i usually have to take
away because I eat 1/2 bottle each time...heheh.