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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Jade Terrace Restaurant, Howick

Went for a dinner last week to send off friends who are going home to HK for 2 months . Wish I was the one going off for a holiday now instead, anyways, we decided to go for lobsters and headed to Jade Terrace that evening.

Seafood Fatt Putt...I would say that this dish is only average because we were expecting the basket to be made of yam but instead, it was made with fried egg noodles. It's still pretty good but is still not as good as it would be with yam because once the noodles soften, it just seem to me like fried seafood egg noddles.
Egg tofu with seafood and fish roe

Sorry for the blur's difficult to make a good shot with all the monkeys at our table who are immensely impatient with sparing me some time to take a photo that touched our table. I have to fend off some oncoming chopsticks before I can at least take a photo of each dish.
Eight lobsters for seven people....aaahhh.....pure indulgence!

Actually, I think these are crayfishes, the smaller cousins of lobster as these fellas look smaller but the waitress told us they are 'lobsters' ( loong har).....oh well....they are still from the same family so as long as they are yummy....
These little yummy fellas are steamed with garlic and chinese cooking wine on a bed of mung bean noodles ( Fun Si) . It's really fresh but it could have been better if the chef would have been a little less generous with the cooking wine. I had only one and couldn't even swallow another gulp of water anymore. Now I regret that we've ordered so many dishes too.Fried Kang Kung with fermented tofu ( Fu Yu)

Steamed Orange Roughy Fish with Mui Choy

The fish is the last to arrive but still was not neglected because it was really fresh and tastes remarkably good. The fish we got was pretty big....weighing at least 2 kgs. The orange roughy fish is one that I have seen many times at the seasfood market but never thought of trying it because the fish is very huge and ugly and its body looks like some decomposed body but having tried this dish, it will totally change my perception of it. I will definitely buy it the next time I see one again.
Overall, we had an enjoyable evening of food but our night out was short-lived because of the deafening noise from another function in the restaurant. The food here is good but not great but I would say we good a good deal for our money's worth....the bill came out to be a little below NZD 300, pretty good deal.
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Jackson said...

ooo..the lobster is calling my name!!

Wai Sik Mui said...

hehehe...i think so too