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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Indian Lamb Curry

Ever since I moved back to NZ last year, I am missing my dosage of Nasi Kandar from Kayu Nasi Kandar, Cheow Yang dearly. For some reason, I can't help but to believe that there's a certain truth that the cas-cas added into mamak food is some form of addictive like heroin. You keep wanting more and more....and you go back time and time again to feed your addiction.

Anyways, the thoughts of Nasi Kandar haunts and torture the living daylight out of me. The very thought of that nice blend of spices that cook the meat and rice makes me salivate incontrollably and the more I think of it, the louder I hear it calling my name. Therefore, I have no choice but to cook something similar but simplified to ease my pain.

I usually order lamb or beef curry with many other dishes like chicken,sotong (squid), fried egg,etc....but since I've been stripped of the luxury of having it as and when I wish, I have no choice but to cook a simplified version to curb my craving.

I bought some lamb shoulder chops, living in NZ, you are quite spoilt by the quality of lamb and beef as compared to Malaysia.Although the locals here know that the better lamb and beef are exported to the UK, but if you are willing to pay a couple more bucks buying from a good butchery or gourmet food store, you will get yourself very good meat. But even buying from the supermarket is not a bad choice a long as you pick a nice cut and they are fresh.

What I did was, adding some brinjals and lady fingers into my lamb curry....and then be very generous with my Baba's curry powder, star anise, ginger, cardamons, fennel powder, cumin powder, cinnamon and cloves. The lamb requires a short cooking time so cooking the whole dish requires less than 1 hour.

I also made some simplified version of Nasi Briyani with coconut milk, cloves and star anise. And to top it off with some poppadoms that I got from the Indian store.

The result?? Pretty decent meal for a Nasi Kandar amateur :) but at least it help in curbing my craving for a Nasi Kandar from Kayu Nasi Kandar which requires a 12 hours flight. Hmmm.....when is Kayu Nasi Kandar going to open a branch here in Auckland since they already opened in Melbourne, Brisbane and UK?? I hope you are reading this Mr Sirajuddin (MD of Kayu Nasi Kandar)!!! If you do, I volunteer to work for free !!!
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