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Monday, 8 October 2012

19 days to Auckland Half Marathon 2012

You know that feeling when the date that you've marked on your calendar is inching closer and you know how much it means to you after months of training and talking about it? I am getting excited and actually looking forward to the Auckland Half Marathon that's going to take place in 19 days. Months of training will be put to test and see if I actually am going to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. It also means I am going to be eating more salads and less chocolates,cheese and ice-cream. I have been dreaming of finishing a half marathon in less than 2 hours but I am still yet to achieve it. I'm ok with that. I just aim to beat my previous time. I know honestly that I have not trained as hard as some people but definitely way harder this year than my previous years. I'm happy with that. The worst thing is to finish a race feeling defeated and unmotivated - just brush myself off and try to do better the next time. Finishing a race is something to celebrate - to honour the dedication and hard-work and enjoy being able to run with thousands of others who shares the same interest with you. A PB is a bonus. I hope I would remember this when I finish my race in 19 days. I still very very eager to achieve a 2:10 and will try my best on the day.

3 more long runs to race day and I'm eager to run as much as I can but also have to remember to overdo it and risk being injured. I went out for my Sunday run yesterday and it was the perfect weather for running. If it wasn't because my ankle and calves starting to hurt I would have gone for longer. I ended doing 14k  and I had planned for 16k but it came out shorter but it's ok because better be safe than sorry. I really enjoyed running an even pace of 6:53. Started out with a walk and then turn my Garmin on after about 8 minutes of warm up. I realise that with a good warm-up I am able to run a very even pace without having to stop. Good stuff. My run got better when I saw these guys in the park.

I have no idea what it was for but Auckland is full of cool zany people so it's not uncommon. The couple was sweet enough let me snap a photo.

Summary of my training this week:

Monday : 45 mins of weights and cardio
Tuesday: 45 mins of interval (10x 400m)
Wednesday: 1 hr of vinyasa yoga
Thursday: 1 hr mid-tempo run
Friday: 45 mins of weights and cardio
Saturday: Rest & Stretch
Sunday: 14k easy run.

After a little lunch and resting I went out and came back with this:

It made my day. I will be doing a post of my latest looting   trip to Lululemon.

And if all the above wasn't enough to make a great day. I saw this beauty when we left the restaurant after dinner.

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