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Thursday, 24 November 2011

A hearty vegetarian dinner from Revive Cafe !!

Whenever I try to be a vegetarian for a meal or two, I was always hesitant because the lack of options.
Often you can only opt for a carbo rich meal i.e  vegetarian lasagne that tastes like cheese on cardboards and
dodgy sandwiches with very little fibre. S and I try to have a few meat free meals a week because we think that it's good for us and eating less meat overall is probably a good thing for the environment.We went to Revive to take out 2 meals and 1 salad meal and then went for my short run in Cornwall Park before coming home without the stress of thinking what to make / buy for dinner.

I've recently bought a few $6 vouchers from Grab One and has been to Revive a few times to pack some dinners and I have to say that I really enjoy their food. Lots of veg, lentils and whole grains. I bought a hot pot of the day : Italian White Beans in a Romesco Sauce on Brown Rice which is Gluten Free too. I really enjoy the beans and sauce. I have only used white beans in salads and sometimes made into a dip but cooking it in a tomato base sauce is pretty good. I might cook mine with Barilla's Arabiata sauce for my pasta..yum!

Quinoa salad with broccoli. I never knew what to do with quinoa but making a salad with is so delicious and easy. Must try !

Moroccan Chickpeas (gluten free) and Fresh Vegetable Medley w Spinach, Carrot & Cauliflower . There was lots of food, no doubt but I don't mind refuelling my body with loads of goodness. Will definitely be getting more take-outs from Revive on weekdays. They different menu each day to keep the options interesting. Go to their website to view their latest updates:  
p/s: I don't work for or benefit in anyway from them. Just an honest recommendation especially if you are vegetarian and lives in Auckland Central.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we had this on the North Shore so I could get my lunch there. Welcome to NZFBA, we have added you to the members list

Her Worldly Pleasures said...

Thanks! Wish I'd have found out about it sooner, the convention looks like a fun event!