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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Little & Friday Newmarket

If there is anything that had made my life sweeter (and waistline wider) recently, it has to be the
Little & Friday cafe on Melrose St, Newmarket. At first I was reluctant to share information of this little piece of gem to others but it will be known to all sooner or later so I might as well ..

The coffee is from Supreme favorite and the talented bakers here uses  free range and organic ingredients in their kitchen. Not to mention that the staff here are really friendly most of the time.

The tables were decorated with more goodies to entice you !  

      The pear tart is so delicious...the pear was just the right texture and the pastry was just so damn    good. After I've finished I just wanted another because it's just too awesome.

Lemon & coconut cake is one of their best sellers.

I also love their grilled haloumi cheese, tomato and leek pastry.

This is one of the rare cafes in Auckland that I think will make non Aucklanders jealous (I am just being sour grape of the cafes in Wellington) and wish they had one too. 

There's really nothing to complain about this place other than some selfish patrons who'd rather let their designer handbags sit on a chair than you (Grrrr!!) The coffees here are pretty great too and prices are around $5-$8 for their cakes which I think is a really good deal for the quality, taste and quirkiness.

Little & Friday
12 Melrose St.
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